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Steve and Nancy Johnson

These genealogy files contain over 21,000 names.

Some primary surnames are Ayer, Bastedo, Breed, Burgess, Crowe, Dickinson, Evans, Eyre, Flagg, Friend, Hatchett, Heinzman, House, Howell, Johnson, Mabee, Roberts, Sabin, Stutzman, Thurman, Willingham, and many others which you will find in the surname index.
To use these files, click on the link below. You will then have a choice of using the Surname list, the Index or you can start from my family,  the Home Card.

Once you select a surname from the Index or the Surname list,  you will see all the associated given names. Clicking on a name in the center will lead you to a "Person Sheet" showing detailed information. If you click on the green tree you will see a 5 generation family tree. To move back a generation, click on a parents name in the top area. To move forward a generation, click on a childs name in the bottom area.
Data last updated October 20, 2016
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