League of Women Voters of Skagit County

March 3, 2018

Mount Vernon Coop Building

Attending Members:  Wende Sanderson, Margaret Colony, Britt Wisniewski, Diane Visten, Doris Brevoort, Ed and Mary Ellen West, Patti Santangelo, Barbara Robinson.

Treasurer's Report:  Our unit received $1000.00 from the League of Women Voters of Washington Education Fund earmarked for our Civil Discourse Project.  Our Checking Balance at this time is:  $2040.80.

Members renewing membership include: Claire and LInda Belcher, Carol Cain, Sandra Hawkinson, Patti Santangelo, Joani Pfieiffer, and Pat Lakey.

Minutes of last meeting approved.

Plans for the Civil Discourse Project:

  Wende Sanderson presented the status update:


         a)  Advisory Committee Development:  Confirmed participants:  Mayor of Sedro Woolley, Mayor of Burlington, Mayor of Anacortes, Mayor of Mount Vernon, Chair of Democratic Party of Skagit County, Chair Republican Party of Skagit County, Vice President of Skagit Valley College.  Still awaiting confirmation from request to District Court representative.

          b) Steering Committee development - our first organizing and planning meeting  is scheduled for Wednesday March 7 on 3rd floor of the Carnation Building at 10 a.m.  Confirmed members are: Kathy Kuba, Cathy Pfahl, Margaret Colony, Cindy Cohen.  The agenda will include implementation details for the Convening Meeting (Phase 1) to be held on May 5; and initial planning for Skill Building Workshops (Phase 2).

          c) Funding:  Funding for Phase 1 has been secured with $1000 grant form the League of Women Voters of Washington Education fund and $235 from the Dispute Resolution Center of Skagit County.

           d)  Outreach:  Planned meetings with representatives from the Latino Community during the week of March 5. Still to be contacted: Representatives from the tribes, Media representatives, faith-based communities. Dave Paul from Skagit Valley College will be available for additional consultation and coordination with the College's Civil Discourse planning later in the month of March.


Notes from continued discussion of the Civil Discourse Project.

1)  We may need to figure out lodging for the keynote speaker for the May 5th event.

2)   We plan for the skill building workshops to take place in the months of June, July and August.

3)  We have trainers identified and will need to fund honorariums. 

4)   The League of Women Voters of Skagit County and the Dispute Resolution Center of Skagit County are

           co- sponsors of this project.


TRY   Distribution plans and printing costs:  Doris Brevoort has a master copy that she will use to let Steve Johnson know what fixes are needed before we print more of the TRY's.  Ed West is going to contact Steve to see what support he can offer.  Patti Santangelo would like 50 copies for the Skagit County Dems convention of March 24th.  Ed West will drop off copies to the Skagit County Republican offices.  As soon as there is a master Barbara Robinson can see about printing 200 copies ...50 for Patti and 50 for Ed to hand out to the two parties.

Voter registration partners: The League of Women Voters of Skagit County can offer training on how to register voters on a regular basis, and we are planning on providing that support for  the Sister Districts training.  Sister Districts is an organization of women that want to make a difference. they do research on state elections and find elections that they can influence.  We discussed that we would offer voter registration training once a month after our regularly scheduled meetings at the Mount Vernon Coop building.  Patti noted that the Skagit Democrats have a list of tips on voter registration. 

So Margaret will train our unit members on April 7th at 11:30 a.m.( Location?)

Margaret Colony and Ed West will train the Sister Districts members on April 16th. Margaret suggested the need for a laptop for that event   (OK am a bit confused by my notes.  I have 6 p.m. for this, is that correct and where will that be?)

Delegate to League Convention in Chicago:   June 28 through July 1 2018 Registration is $450 and includes materials and some meals.  The main hotel housing participants is the Hilton at $209 per night. Margaret has a source where we could house members for about $79 per night and it is very close. The cost of the airfare is an unknown till the member books the trip.  We can send more than one person, plus we can look at supporting members cost of the registration for one person. Barbara Robinson moved and Britt Wisniewski seconded that our League fund one registration cost. All approved the motion.  Margaret noted that often there are other events that occur near by and on adjacent days to the convention that members might want to attend. One that she noted is a Water Caucus on the day before the convention begins. Anyone attending might want to check that out.

Response to State League requests:  Margaret had a questionnaire that the State League sent to our unit.  As a group we answered the questions.

Redistricting Program April 9, 2019 at the PUD Building in Mount Vernon,

  Publicity:  Doris Brevoort has provided a press release, and Barbara Robinson is going to work with a retiree           member to get a poster done for the newspaper to use along with the press release.  We want to emphasize the      theme:

Redistricting:  How does it work? Why does it matter"

Perhaps the title could be: Setting Voter  District Boundaries:   Looking forward to 2021!  We want to be sure that the information is in the Skagit Valley Herald in a meaningful way.  Margaret and Barbara are going to contact personally the Herald.  Claire can put it on our facebook page.  Wende will see to Go Skagit and Community Action.  Britt is going to see about putting it in the La Conner paper.  Barbara will get it out to over 500 retiree's through the retiree newsletter and online listing.

Supplies for the evening:  Water?  WE have a sink and water there but perhaps a pitcher of water plus paper cups would be ok. I suggested that we ask Claire again to ask Starbucks for donations.  Making coffee at the PUD is not easy.  The Skagit Island San Juan Retirees Unit 21 will be asked to donate cookies.  They are having an event in April so we may need to "encourage" that. 

Keynote speakers:  Linnea Hirst   Seattle/KC League of Women Voters of Washington Chair

                                Julie Ann Kempf  League of Women Voters of Washington Liaison

Both ladies are committee members of LWV of WA and participated in the study  "A Review of Redistricting in Washington State" published September 2017.

Joy of Voting:  Wende Sanderson is looking into a booth at the Mount Vernon Street Fair to be held on April 20 - 22.  We are going to see about a booth there to register voters and to hand out League information.  When Wende gets confirmation she will be looking for volunteers to man the booth.  We also feel a polaroid camera would come in handy for a fundraiser or just for gathering passersby to stop and take note.
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February 3, 2018

PUD building Mount Vernon, WA 1 p.m.

Members attending:   Margaret Colony, Claire Belcher, Doris Brevoort, Joanie Pfieffer, Carol Sullivan, Brenda Barner, Patti Santangelo, Wende Sanderson, Steve Johnson,  Diane Visten and Barbara Robinson.

Introductions were conducted:

Treasurer's Report:  We have $1040.80 in our account. Steve Johnson also provided 90 copies of the updated 2018 TRY for distribution.  We saw a couple errors and are noting them, on a copy that Doris will keep and will inform Steve so he can make the changes on the master copy.

Minutes of the January 2018 meeting were shared and  approved.


   1.   Focus on Civil Discourse in Skagit County:  A multi-phased approach.  A move was made by Wende Sanderson and seconded by Diane Visten to authorize our group to request up to $1000 to support our Civil Discourse Project.  Wende  spoke to the approach which will be in three phases.  1. An initial general meeting to open the conversation about Civil Discourse with interested community members.  2.  A series of skill-building seminars to introduce and refresh skills for tackling challenging conversations when the stakes are high  3.  An opportunity to put the developed civil discourse skills to work in a real-life situation, selecting a topic of local community concern and conducting a public discourse session.  The proposed budget of $1,235.00 for this proposal includes the needed funding for the initial Phase 1, convening meeting as we pursue additional partners to assist in funding the remaining phases.  ( for more information on each area please contact Wende Sanderson for a copy of her document)

Some discussion followed on what the definition of civil discourse is:  Taking meaningful things and find ways to talk about them was mentioned. 

Mount Vernon School Civics Day:

Margaret Colony spoke of the opportunity for the League members to attend this event at the Mount Vernon High School, on May 18th.  Teacher Anna Weimer, suggested that it would be  great if League members could attend as the audience to the presentations of her students.   Many of our attendees today were interested in pursuing this option.

National League Convention in Chicago June 28th - July 1st. 

Margaret Colony suggested our group send at least one member to this event.  She spoke of getting some support for the cost from the State league, and for our local league to look into ways to support at least one or more persons.  Claire Belcher and Margaret Colony are going to look into the possibility of attending.  While our group only gets one voting delegate often other units do not send anyone and so there is the option of adopting their delegate status for our extra member.  Registration is $450 per person which includes meals so we would also need to fund the cost of the rooms.

State League Phone Calls:  Often Margaret receives a phone call from the state president.  "Around the State" is where the state president can communicate with the local presidents and see how we are working toward the goals of the state organization. 

Sister Districts:  Wende was hoping to have time to mention that we would like someone from our chapter to train Sister Districts members on voter registration. Please let Wende, Margaret or myself know if you are interested in finding out what this entails and how you can be of service. At this time it is planned for March 1 at the Burlington Library at 7 p.m. but this may change. 


Plans for our public Education Night on Redistricting:

Doris Brevoort presented the booklet " A Review of Redistricting in Washington State.    This was a study done in 2107 by the League of Women Voters of Washington Education Fund.  She highlighted the booklet for us and we discussed and asked questions as we went along.  Doris has booked two knowledgeable speakers for our Education Event on April 9.  It will begin with a social time at 6 p.m.  Presentations from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. and 7:30 - 8:00 p.m. for questions.  Doris will introduce the program and the speakers that evening.  Barbara Robinson will handle logistics. A decision was made to keep the tables and chairs as they are now. Barbara has booked the PUD for the evening and will pick up the key.  Publicity will be handled by Margaret Colony and Barbara Robinson will support her. Barbara will contact a fellow retiree to design a poster. This year the poster will be smaller in the newspaper with smaller hand out sized ones to be distributed in all areas. Barbara will also see that  a copy can go out to almost 600 retirees online and in a flyer that is to go out March 12th to the Skagit Island San Juan School Retirees Unit 21 members.  We will also give copies to Community  Action Liz Jennings.  Doris will check with speakers about lodging and food so our group can support that need.  We will need to devise an evaluation form.  Other outlets for advertising were mentioned. Doris will see to the LaConner paper and Barbara will see if the principals can send out the information to the schools.

Question: What is a voting board member: Who is on the board? At this time all members attending the meeting are considered voting board members.  At our May meeting we will decide who the new officers can be, and what will make up the board.  Margaret suggested we use this as a celebration meeting with a luncheon included.  Suggestions??

Dates to Remember:

Fix Democracy First: Cindy Black from Fix Democracy First is going to be presenting to the Sister Districts group on the 15th of February at the Burlington Library at 7 p.m.  Fix Democracy First is the organization that co-sponsored our Lobby Day this year in Olympia.  She will speak abut her organization, how it started and what its  mission is. It will be a 20 minute presentation with questions.

March League meeting:  March 3, 2018 10:30 a.m.at the Mount Vernon Coop on the 3rd floor meeting room.

A Review of Redistricting in Washington State:  April 9, 2018 at the Mount Vernon PUD 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

June 26, 27, 28:  Tentative dates for our Candidate Forums.  We have not scheduled because none of the locations will let us book till within the three month ahead deadline. However those are the target dates.

National League Convention in Chicago:  June 28 - July 1

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Jan 13, 2018

League of Women Voters of Skagit County Meeting:

Hello League Members.  We had a great meeting on Saturday January 13th at 1 p.m. at the Skagit Valley Coop building in Mount Vernon.

Members attending: Patti Santangelo, Britt Wisniewski, Margaret Colony, Wende Sanderson, Barbara Robinson, Claire Belcher, Doris Brevoort, Ed West, Mary West and Kathy Reim

Treasurer's Report: Steve Johnson submitted this report:   Our League received $807.14 from LWVSA Education fund to cover our forum  expenses and $93 in member dues. Our balance is now $1068.30.  Steve also reports he will have the updated TRY ready by the end of January.

Education Report:  Kathy Reim is meeting with Sedro Woolley School District Superintendent Phil Brockman on January18,to share  the League approved book/curriculum The State We Are In: Washington and review ways it can be made available for use in the SWSD.

Kathy  mentioned that PFLAG is going to make a small donation  to the League to show support of our work and to continue to be a part of our events such as our forums and other events.  She will be presenting as part of a panel on Title Nine and the support it has offered to women and minorities at the  AAUW meeting in Anacortes at 6:45 on Feb. 8 at the Senior Center. Tana Baker is the contact and we will discuss working with them closely in the months ahead.

Kathy also has offered to continue getting our booklets and pamphlets into outlets in the county.

LWVSA  Action Workshop:  Wende Sanderson attended the state workshop and spoke of it as an informative  event. She mentioned that State Representatives Mia Gregorsen and Senator Tunna from the 41st District spoke on minority and on Equal pay issues.  Wende said that they felt that new revenue was rather a dead issue but actions up for movement could include equal pay, voting rights, and something called ban the box ( this is the box where formerly incarcerated people must check if they have been convicted of crime)  plus a house bill that would reform legal obligations from becoming burdensome as they add up over time, before voting rights are restored and last but not least the capitol budget.

Updating the TRY:  Steve Johnson, Ed West, Claire Belcher, and Wende Sanderson have all been working on updating the TRY after the November Elections.  The work is mostly done and Steve will have copies by February meeting.

Education Night by League Of Skagit County:  Plans are made for this event. The subject chosen is Redistricting.  We are looking at April 9 or April 16 at the PUD Building as location. Times are to be 6 p.m. for social gathering, 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. for presentations and 7:30 to 8:00 p.m. for questions.  First Barbara Robinson needs to see if the PUD is available on the above dates with the 9th being the first choice.  Advertising needs to be addressed with the dead line for the press release Mid February. Also, Doris Brevoort is in charge of getting speakers and our date will consider that persons availability so she will contact that person by the end of January.  Our members will take February  and March to prepare hand out packets on our subject Redistricting plus copies of the TRY and other pertinent papers. REMINDER: Everyone bring this kind of item and example to the February meeting.  Our February 3rd meeting will be at 1 p.m. at the PUD Building so Doris Brevoort can do a dry run of the power point presentation of the program planned for our Education night.  What did we forget??  Who is going to work up the poster and the press release?  Who is going to work on the coffee/water/snacks?

Letters to newly elected officials:  Kathy Reim and Wende Sanderson are going to write a letter to the newly elected officials in Skagit County introducing them to our League group using the new letterhead. This letter can promote our group and also let them know about our TRY and our event plans plus invite them to join. After this task is finished we will consider sending this same kind of information to other officials perhaps up to the State officials.

Letterhead stationery and business cards:  Ed West will send copies of the letterhead stationery to each member plus a copy of business cards for each member to add his/her name and make copies.  These actually were sent out right after the meeting to each member.

Events-in-Planning:  Wende Sanderson presented the following at our meeting.

1.  Jacquelyn Styrma, director of the Skagit Dispute Resolution Center and I have been approached by the EDASC Foundation to discuss partnering around the concept of a "Civil Discourse Institute" for members of our community.  Jaquelyn and I will be meeting with EDASC on Thursday, Jan. 18 and we plan to propose a 3 pronged series of events:

       __An initial Convening public meeting similar to the one that Tacoma and Snohomish Leagues presented, with  a Keynote speaker, a panel discussion and small group discussions about Civil Discourse, Incivility and Civil Disobedience.

      ___At least one training meeting to review and hone skills and techniques for discussions around potentially sensitive topics.

     ___Then selecting a topic of concern in our community and hosting a public meeting to encourage discussion of all facets of the issue, with the hope that a template for these meetings could be re-used regularly as important topics arise.

After the planning meeting on Jan. 18 we hope to have a better idea of the activities EDASC has  in mind, and develop our action plan to move forward.

2.  I am working with Jan Tivel from Sister Districts and members of Indivisible Skagit to promote a celebratory "Joy of Voting" event at the Skagit Valley College.  The idea we are proposing to Student Leaders at the college come from Eric Liu's inspiring Ted Talk: https://www.ted.com.talk/eric_liu_there_s_no_such_thing_as_not_voting  We have begun the conversations with the student club leaders and the Art, History, Theater and Music departments to determine their ideas and finalize timing.  The Leagues involvement would be with Voter Registration at the event and we envision many other politically active groups participating as well.

    Wende Sanderson: presenting

Candidate Forums 2018:  We discussed and planned our next forums.  So far we have decided to do three events: Anacortes on Tuesday June 26th, Mount Vernon and Burlington on Wednesday June 27th and Sedro Woolley on Thursday June 28th. Each event will depend on the availability of locations.  Margaret will check on the Anacortes Library, Barbara Robinson will check on the PUD Building and on both the Sedro Woolly City Hall and the Senior Center.  We will divide by legislative districts and will include the 10th, 39th and 40th districts and after the May filing deadline passes will decide what and how many local candidates will be invited.  We felt that each candidate would be provided with one question that each could respond to ..and they would be given that question ahead of time. One suggestion was "How would you bring civility back?"  We discussed that we need guidelines for other groups to become partner sponsors for these events. We will need suggestions for these guidelines and can work on that at our next meeting so we can have them ready for other groups to see where they would like to fit in.

OK this was a long set of minutes so hope all will read it through and let me know what I left out and what we need to correct.  WE laughed a lot at this meeting and celebrated that many of our members are off on trips...some to sunny climates and all off to rest and relax a bit.  WE missed the missing members and hope you will all be around at the February meeting. Bring friends to that one for sure as it will be an informative and interesting meeting. 

Barbara Robinson

December 13, 2016

Christmas Season Luncheon at Max Dale's in Mount Vernon.

Steve and Nancy Johnson, Ed West, Margaret Colony, Loretta Saarinen, Patty Santangelo and Britt-Marie Wisniewski attended.

Next meeting Jan 13 2018 at 1:00PM at the CoOp.

November 4, 2017

Mount Vernon Coop 10:30 a.m.

Members attending:  Betsy Carroll, Wende Sanderson, Margaret Colony, Claire Belcher, Doris Brevoort, Patti Santangelo, Ed and Mary Ellen West, Barbara Robinson and Diane Visten.

Treasurer's Report:  $546.66 in checking.  Dues are due for Doris Brevoort and Barbara Robinson in November.  There are three members who owes dues in December.  Email update from Steve:  After paying the bill to the Skagit Valley Herald for the ad for the Meet the Candidate Night in Burlington of $355.95 we now have a balance of $190.71.

Margaret brought the meeting to order: 
Discussion of the Meet the Candidate Events in Anacortes and in Burlington.
                 The format was seen to be very successful by all participating. The candidates all expressed approval.  We had good representation  from the League members and the School Retiree's.

We talked about the protocol of the monitors/facilitators.  Suggestions were made for next years forums/events.  Perhaps badges for the monitors would be a good thing. It was mentioned that at times there were some people that monopolized the conversations in the smaller circles.

We felt that if other groups wanted to be sponsors and listed as such there needs to be some kind of more active participation.  We will need to revisit this issue.

We decided we need to revisit the publicity issue as there were so few in the audience at the Burlington event. The KSVR taping was a bonus, and we want to include that again next year. Doris Brevoort will write a thank you to Juan.

Next time we need to plan our date way ahead..earlier even that we did this year..we will encourage the candidates to also advertise the events also.  Questions on how to better use Social Media.  We might "talk" to the state League and get some information on that issue from them.
Margaret noted that our expenses for the Candidate events can be reimbursed by the state grant as soon as we send the bills.  We can use the cost of the Standard, the printing costs of the posters and the name tags, plus the newspaper ad in the Herald.  Other items that were purchased for the two events can be added to that bill.

  Education Night
All members attending were interested in pursuing an Education night in the spring perhaps during Tulip Time.  Redistricting was the topic all felt was timely.  Margaret shared the book again "Politics of the Possible" by Mary Ellen McCaffree and Anne McNamee Corbett.  Anyone can borrow a copy from Margaret if they her.  We discussed a venue with the PUD being the best choice at this time.  Margaret shared a letter with information on redistricting that she received from a source with knowledge of the subject and with some resources she would share for us to use at the education event.  Doris offered to present a power point on the subject at our February 3rd meeting at the PUD building so we can "practice" for our education event.

Action Workshops: Calendar
Tacoma workshop date December 2nd
Seattle Workshop date January 6th
Several members indicated an interest in going. You can get more details on the League Email news each week.  Doris will email the information on bus transportation to the workshop that would make it very easy to get there.  It would take you right from the Everett Station and to the location of the Workshop.
     January 6th would be our usual League meeting and would conflict with the workshop so we are setting our meeting for January 13th at 1 p.m. at the Mount Vernon Coop building.

January 26, 2018 is Democracy Day in Olympia.  Margaret spoke of this event and encouraged all to consider attending.  It is a one day event, carpooling is a good idea, and as Patti said there will be 9 legislators to visit so many "hands and feet" would be great.

February 3 (time to be decided) Regular Meeting at the PUD building in Mount Vernon.

Name Cards:  Ed West is going to provide name cards for each member to identify us as League members.

New TRY after the elections.  Ed West mentioned that he will work with Steve Johnson to update and print the new TRY booklets after the election results are in.  Margaret mentioned that we should be thinking of what businesses to ask to be sponsors. They would get their names in the booklets and have "free" advertising.

December Meeting: Loretta has requested that we have a social gathering at a restaurant for our December meeting. December 10th, a Sunday, looks like the best date so far. Restaurant suggestions were made and Barbara Robinson is going to contact Johnny Carino's to book the private room. ( I will get back to you all by Sunday November 12) Let me know if you have suggestions for a good quiet spot with some good food...am open to suggestions.)

Margaret had a call requesting our group participate in a meeting and support the need for further environmental studies on the Refinery project that will have an impact on our local area.  Our State league has a strong stand of approval on Environmental issues but so far has not made a statement on the local refineries plans to add a new "gas" to their plant.  ( I do not have the information right at hand so if anyone would like to add better information I would be pleased to include it)

Patti and Claire are working on facebook access for Claire. Watch for more information and notices on Facebook.

Barbara Robinson Secretary

October 7, 2017

From Barbara Robinson

Mount Vernon Coop Building 10:30 a.m.

Attending members:  Margaret Colony, Diane Visten, Wende Sanderson, Patti Santangelo, Doris Brevoort, Barbara Robinson

Treasurer's Report:

        We have a balance of $542.17.  We have not applied for the $1000.00 reimbursement for our Meet and Greet Candidate events in September and October to cover our expenses.  This reimbursement was approved by the state league to support our events. 

Preparations for the October 9th Meet and Greet in Burlington:

We reviewed the following:

         • Monitors for each casual group.  We need 11 if all candidates       show up.

         • Setup and take down:  Neil Davis will be there at 4:30 and has about 15 minutes to set up the tables etc.  Also a young man will be there from Liz Jennings Community Action group.  Loretta Saarinen, Diane Visten, Barbara Robinson, Patti Santangelo, and Wende Sanderson will be there to set  up. Margaret Colony, Doris Brevoort and others will help take down.

         • Script: Margaret Colony has prepared  a script based on the candidates coming and includes information about the League, the other hosts and the format for the evening.

         • Coffee, water and cookies:  Loretta Saarinen will pick up the coffee donated by Starbucks and arranged by Claire Belcher.  Water bottles for the candidates will be provided by Barbara Robinson and cookies by Diane Visten and donated by the Skagit Island San Juan School Retirees.

Petition provided by the State League:  Margaret Colony handed out petitions for our members to volunteer to take for signatures. The state league is supporting this petition. The petition, I-940 is to support the need for police training in violence de-escalation, mental-health, and first-aid training, and provide first-aid: and change standards for use of deadly force, adding a "good faith" standard and independent investigation.   This is an initiative petition for submission to the Legislature.

Ballots and Baristas:  The plan for this event is to be postponed for another year or at least another time. We are not getting the support we need as to what location it is to be held.   The October dates available are coming too soon to make an effective use of the event.  Claire Belcher has done her best but the support person was unable to find a location in time.

Voter Registration at Anacortes Library Report:  Margaret Colony and Loretta Saarinen spent much of the day and only registered 3 people.  However many people do stop by and pick up the TRY and ask questions.

What Next:  Meeting for discussion:  After some discussion it was decided that we would have an public education evening.  It could begin at 6 p.m. for half hour of casual conversation, continue at 6:30 to 7:30 p.m for a more formal event.  We feel that the topic of redistricting would be timely. Margaret and Doris Brevoort have some resources that they will check on.  We decided that during April Tulip Time would be a good time.  Doris recommended "The Politics of the Possible" by Mary Ellen McCaffrey as a good read on the subject.

Fundraising Ideas ( Money will be needed to print a new TRY after the elections and other projects)  Suggestions include asking for donations as a sponsor...examples: travel agents, refineries, chamber of commerce groups and businesses.

Next Meeting Saturday November 4 at 10:30 at the Mount Vernon Coop Building

In Case you missed it on the LWVWA This Week in League:

First LWVWA Action Workshop for 2018 Legislative Session Next Month

Please join your LWVWA Lobby Team at the first Action Workshop to prepare for the 2018 legislative session. The workshop will be Saturday, November 18, at United Churches, 110 Eleventh Ave SE, near the capitol building in Olympia WA. The Thurston County and Mason County Leagues are hosting.

Workshop is open to members and others, with limited scholarships available.

Keynote focus is on Water Issues (Hirst Decision). Also hear about expectations for the upcoming session and take a tour of the Capitol.

Registration fee of $25 includes all of the above plus materials, lunch and a tour of the Capitol.

Can’t make this workshop? Consider attending another.

•December 2 – in Tacoma – with main topic focused on Homelessness and Housing Issues

•January 6 – in Seattle – with focus on Revenue issues.

September 9, 2017

12 noon to 2 p.m. at the Mount Vernon Coop Building
Attending members:  Claire Belcher,  Linda  Belcher, Britt Wisniewski, Margaret Colony, Patti Santangelo, Barbara Robinson, Loretta Saarinen.
Treasurer's Report sent in by Steve Johnson:
                             Current Balance: $728.17   Obligations: Bookmarks - $140.45
                                                                                PMP dues to National LWV due Jan. 2018 - $58.50
                            Available Balance: $529.22
Minutes of last meeting:  Changes made were the person that is in charge of cookies for the Candidate events is Diane Visten. 
Business items:
September 26th National Register Voters Day. Our unit will be manning a table at the Anacortes Library from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. with Margaret and Loretta on the team so far.  A note from Ed West indicated he was also availble to help that day.  The Library provides the signs, tables and other needed items.
September 26th Forum on Homelessness and Housing Affordability 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. at the Skagit Valley College in the  Multi-purpose room.  Co-Sponsors including the League are:  Community Action, Latina/o Advisory Committee, Skagit Voluteer Center, Skagit Coalition to end Homeless ness, Friendship House, Skagit Valley Family YMCA Oasis Teen Shelter.  Wende Sanderson and Margaret are attending planning meetings to continue our part in this event.
Action Workshop??  Do we as a group want to sponsor an action workshop?  We discussed the possibities of this endeavor. For now we are going to continue the conversation.
Meet the Candidate Event in Anacortes September 14th 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Anacortes Library. 
We spent some time formalizing the plans for this event.  Margaret presented her plan for the evening which included a time line, and a seating plan.  Members volunteered for team leaders at each seating circle included Barbara Robinson, Diane Visten, Loretta Saarinen, Patti Santangelo, Carol Cain, and hopefully Margaret or perhaps Andrea Doll would help here. We need 6 people at the cirlces.  Margaret will be the host/moderator.  Margaret is checking to find a timer as we will have the candidates from the port in the first hour at the cirlces.  We plan to have them sit in one circle visiting for about 5 minutes then the timer will indicate a time to  move to the next circle.  This is our first time doing this kind of movement plan so will see how this works before the Burlington event.  Claire Belcher is arranging the coffee with a backup person for pickup.  Diane Visten is purchasing the cookies. The cost of the cookies is being paid by the Skagit Island San Juan School Retiree's Unit 21 as part of their co-sponsorship.  PFLAG is providing a team of young people to set up and take down the chairs etc as part of their sponsorship.  Barbara Robinson presented our new banner which will be used at this event. Questions provided by Andrea Doll were presented and will be added to the minutes below.  These questions were given to each candidate ahead of time so they could include them in their 3 minute presentation at the beginning of the event.  Then they can expand on them at each circle conversation or take on  new questions.
Ballots and Barristas:  Claire presented the information for the event supported by Starbucks. She and Ed West are working on the event to be planned as yet.   This will be an informal get together with others citizens that come in to Starbucks.  It can be a place where we give information of note to others and where we also become better know as a group in the community.  It will be during the week of October 17 - 24.  Our group chose the weekend of October 21 and 22 with the hope that the 21st will work. Starbucks arranges the location by checking our zip codes and lets know the best location.  One focus is registering voters but we can choose another subject also. More information soon on this event.
Our next meeting will be at the Mount Vernon Coop on the 3rd floor meeting room at 10:30 a.m to noon on October 7th.

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