Minutes of November 4, 2017
Mount Vernon Coop 10:30 a.m.

Members attending:  Betsy Carroll, Wende Sanderson, Margaret Colony, Claire Belcher, Doris Brevoort, Patti Santangelo, Ed and Mary Ellen West, Barbara Robinson and Diane Visten.

Treasurer's Report:  $546.66 in checking.  Dues are due for Doris Brevoort and Barbara Robinson in November.  There are three members who owes dues in December.  Email update from Steve:  After paying the bill to the Skagit Valley Herald for the ad for the Meet the Candidate Night in Burlington of $355.95 we now have a balance of $190.71.

Margaret brought the meeting to order: 
Discussion of the Meet the Candidate Events in Anacortes and in Burlington.
                 The format was seen to be very successful by all participating. The candidates all expressed approval.  We had good representation  from the League members and the School Retiree's.

We talked about the protocol of the monitors/facilitators.  Suggestions were made for next years forums/events.  Perhaps badges for the monitors would be a good thing. It was mentioned that at times there were some people that monopolized the conversations in the smaller circles.

We felt that if other groups wanted to be sponsors and listed as such there needs to be some kind of more active participation.  We will need to revisit this issue.

We decided we need to revisit the publicity issue as there were so few in the audience at the Burlington event. The KSVR taping was a bonus, and we want to include that again next year. Doris Brevoort will write a thank you to Juan.

Next time we need to plan our date way ahead..earlier even that we did this year..we will encourage the candidates to also advertise the events also.  Questions on how to better use Social Media.  We might "talk" to the state League and get some information on that issue from them.
Margaret noted that our expenses for the Candidate events can be reimbursed by the state grant as soon as we send the bills.  We can use the cost of the Standard, the printing costs of the posters and the name tags, plus the newspaper ad in the Herald.  Other items that were purchased for the two events can be added to that bill.

  Education Night
All members attending were interested in pursuing an Education night in the spring perhaps during Tulip Time.  Redistricting was the topic all felt was timely.  Margaret shared the book again "Politics of the Possible" by Mary Ellen McCaffree and Anne McNamee Corbett.  Anyone can borrow a copy from Margaret if they her.  We discussed a venue with the PUD being the best choice at this time.  Margaret shared a letter with information on redistricting that she received from a source with knowledge of the subject and with some resources she would share for us to use at the education event.  Doris offered to present a power point on the subject at our February 3rd meeting at the PUD building so we can "practice" for our education event.

Action Workshops: Calendar
Tacoma workshop date December 2nd
Seattle Workshop date January 6th
Several members indicated an interest in going. You can get more details on the League Email news each week.  Doris will email the information on bus transportation to the workshop that would make it very easy to get there.  It would take you right from the Everett Station and to the location of the Workshop.
     January 6th would be our usual League meeting and would conflict with the workshop so we are setting our meeting for January 13th at 1 p.m. at the Mount Vernon Coop building.

January 26, 2018 is Democracy Day in Olympia.  Margaret spoke of this event and encouraged all to consider attending.  It is a one day event, carpooling is a good idea, and as Patti said there will be 9 legislators to visit so many "hands and feet" would be great.

February 3 (time to be decided) Regular Meeting at the PUD building in Mount Vernon.

Name Cards:  Ed West is going to provide name cards for each member to identify us as League members.

New TRY after the elections.  Ed West mentioned that he will work with Steve Johnson to update and print the new TRY booklets after the election results are in.  Margaret mentioned that we should be thinking of what businesses to ask to be sponsors. They would get their names in the booklets and have "free" advertising.

December Meeting: Loretta has requested that we have a social gathering at a restaurant for our December meeting. December 10th, a Sunday, looks like the best date so far. Restaurant suggestions were made and Barbara Robinson is going to contact Johnny Carino's to book the private room. ( I will get back to you all by Sunday November 12) Let me know if you have suggestions for a good quiet spot with some good food...am open to suggestions.)

Margaret had a call requesting our group participate in a meeting and support the need for further environmental studies on the Refinery project that will have an impact on our local area.  Our State league has a strong stand of approval on Environmental issues but so far has not made a statement on the local refineries plans to add a new "gas" to their plant.  ( I do not have the information right at hand so if anyone would like to add better information I would be pleased to include it)

Patti and Claire are working on facebook access for Claire. Watch for more information and notices on Facebook.

Barbara Robinson Secretary


—FALL 2017–Vol.1, No. 6


         • Calendar Items

         • Activities Report from Margaret Colony

         • October Meeting Minutes from Barbara Robinson

         • In Case you missed it: LWVWA Workshops

         • Notes from Nancy/Books & More

Calendar Items

Saturday November 4 at 10:30 at the Mount Vernon Co-op

Tuesday November 7 Election Day

Activities Report from Margaret

Voter Registration

   On National Voter Registration Day, Loretta Saarinen and Margaret Colony spent many hours at the Anacortes library registering voters and answering questions about voting.  Again, we had very few unregistered citizens stop by, but several people took our TRY publication and a few asked questions about upcoming elections. This is a good way to cooperate with the library, and to be visible in the community.  The only librarian who has asked for our help in the past three years is Gina Van Hess in Anacortes, and she always provides the materials, a decorated table and water and treats.  Perhaps next year we should approach the Burlington, Mount Vernon and Sedro Woolley libraries and see if there is interest in this project.

Fall Forums

The League experimented with a new format for candidate events this year, and the results were mixed.  In Anacortes, our event was held September 14 at the library, a nice venue, and we invited candidates for city council and Port of Anacortes.  There was good response from the candidates and a fair-sized crowd.  Publicity was not good, as we had a difficult time with ad placement in the Herald.  Posters were well-distributed and a notice (without identifying the League as a sponsor) appeared in the paper.  We had invited candidates to answer a multi-part question in a three-minute presentation and devoted one hour each to city council races and the port.  Margaret was moderator, and introduced each candidate with a brief bio provided by the candidate.  After the presentations, the audience divided into circles and the candidates each spent five minutes with each circle.  This was appreciated by the audience and enjoyed by the candidates.  Ed West was timer, everyone cooperated with the new format, and the coffee donated by Starbucks and cookies donated by the School Retirees were much appreciated.  There was not a large audience, but sufficient numbers to make the room appear full, especially with the six circles.  The timing was perfect, and we had  help with set-up and take-down.  This format requires a few league members to act as discussion leaders in the small circles where the audience chats with the candidates informally.

The second event was held October 9 at the Burlington library. By this time, a large ad had appeared once in the Skagit Valley Herald, on Friday the 6th.  We will need to have a conversation with the paper about the lack of a second placement.  The same format was used, and candidates from Sedro Woolley, Mount Vernon and Burlington council races were invited.  There was a good response from candidates again,  but poor attendance from the public, particularly Burlington.  The planned-for 11 circles (one for each candidate, after all candidates had made their presentations) turned into 4 circles, so there was a good amount of space in the room and again both candidates and audience members enjoyed the experience. We again had coffee and cookies donated and good help with the physical arrangements.  Wende Sanderson was timer, with new laminated signs that are very visible.  Our new league banner worked very well at both locations, and our materials were appreciated by the audience members and candidates.  We had tables for literature from the candidates both places.  The second event was recorded by the college station and was to be aired on the weekend.  Hopefully we will have a tape for our Facebook page and website.

In addition to the two events, which had several co-sponsors pretty much in name only except for the School Retirees, the League was a co-sponsor of a Forum on Housing and Homelessness at Skagit Valley College that was well-attended by citizens and candidates for the several city councils.  We

had our banner and materials on display, and several members attended.  Wende Sanderson and Margaret Colony had participated in the planning meetings for that event.

League of Women Voters of Skagit County Meeting Minutes for October 7, 2017

From Barbara Robinson

Mount Vernon Coop Building 10:30 a.m.

Attending members:  Margaret Colony, Diane Visten, Wende Sanderson, Patti Santangelo, Doris Brevoort, Barbara Robinson

Treasurer's Report:

        We have a balance of $542.17.  We have not applied for the $1000.00 reimbursement for our Meet and Greet Candidate events in September and October to cover our expenses.  This reimbursement was approved by the state league to support our events. 

Preparations for the October 9th Meet and Greet in Burlington:

We reviewed the following:

         • Monitors for each casual group.  We need 11 if all candidates       show up.

         • Setup and take down:  Neil Davis will be there at 4:30 and has about 15 minutes to set up the tables etc.  Also a young man will be there from Liz Jennings Community Action group.  Loretta Saarinen, Diane Visten, Barbara Robinson, Patti Santangelo, and Wende Sanderson will be there to set  up. Margaret Colony, Doris Brevoort and others will help take down.

         • Script: Margaret Colony has prepared  a script based on the candidates coming and includes information about the League, the other hosts and the format for the evening.

         • Coffee, water and cookies:  Loretta Saarinen will pick up the coffee donated by Starbucks and arranged by Claire Belcher.  Water bottles for the candidates will be provided by Barbara Robinson and cookies by Diane Visten and donated by the Skagit Island San Juan School Retirees.

Petition provided by the State League:  Margaret Colony handed out petitions for our members to volunteer to take for signatures. The state league is supporting this petition. The petition, I-940 is to support the need for police training in violence de-escalation, mental-health, and first-aid training, and provide first-aid: and change standards for use of deadly force, adding a "good faith" standard and independent investigation.   This is an initiative petition for submission to the Legislature.

Ballots and Baristas:  The plan for this event is to be postponed for another year or at least another time. We are not getting the support we need as to what location it is to be held.   The October dates available are coming too soon to make an effective use of the event.  Claire Belcher has done her best but the support person was unable to find a location in time.

Voter Registration at Anacortes Library Report:  Margaret Colony and Loretta Saarinen spent much of the day and only registered 3 people.  However many people do stop by and pick up the TRY and ask questions.

What Next:  Meeting for discussion:  After some discussion it was decided that we would have an public education evening.  It could begin at 6 p.m. for half hour of casual conversation, continue at 6:30 to 7:30 p.m for a more formal event.  We feel that the topic of redistricting would be timely. Margaret and Doris Brevoort have some resources that they will check on.  We decided that during April Tulip Time would be a good time.  Doris recommended "The Politics of the Possible" by Mary Ellen McCaffrey as a good read on the subject.

Fundraising Ideas ( Money will be needed to print a new TRY after the elections and other projects)  Suggestions include asking for donations as a sponsor...examples: travel agents, refineries, chamber of commerce groups and businesses.

Next Meeting Saturday November 4 at 10:30 at the Mount Vernon Coop Building

In Case you missed it on the LWVWA This Week in League:

First LWVWA Action Workshop for 2018 Legislative Session Next Month

Please join your LWVWA Lobby Team at the first Action Workshop to prepare for the 2018 legislative session. The workshop will be Saturday, November 18, at United Churches, 110 Eleventh Ave SE, near the capitol building in Olympia WA. The Thurston County and Mason County Leagues are hosting.

Workshop is open to members and others, with limited scholarships available.

Keynote focus is on Water Issues (Hirst Decision). Also hear about expectations for the upcoming session and take a tour of the Capitol.

Registration fee of $25 includes all of the above plus materials, lunch and a tour of the Capitol.

Can’t make this workshop? Consider attending another.

•December 2 – in Tacoma – with main topic focused on Homelessness and Housing Issues

•January 6 – in Seattle – with focus on Revenue issues.

Notes from Nancy/ A Book Report & More

My apologies to Margaret for not passing on her report in a more timely manner. I want to share the reason for my tardiness. I had a 750 page book I needed to finish by Wednesday’s book club.

But first a little background on this choice of book. My Upriver Readers borrow sets of books from the Sno-Isle library in Darrington. One of our members works with a librarian to make the selections. It has been a curious experience.  I am reading books I would probably never choose, but find that I am learning a lot.  Last spring we read Destiny of the Republic: A Tale of Madness, Medicine and the Murder of a President  by Candice Millard—absolutely fascinating. How much do you know about President Garfield? It was a perfect background for this month’s The Bully Pulpit: Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft and the Golden Age of Journalism  by Doris Kearns Goodwin.

The vocabulary in the book is what I hear daily on CNN or on any political news—just different parties and people. The Progressives disagreed with the Populists. The traditional Conservatives and the Liberals disagreed with them. Tariffs, Trusts, and Monopolies were a big issues. It was a time of new beginnings. Presidential primaries were introduced moving away from party selected candidates—does Washington state need to revisit this? Labor fought wealth or wealth fought labor. The press played a positive role. The book expanded my understanding of current political battles. Things may change but human nature still plays the same games.  I enjoyed the book. My only complaint is that it is too heavy to read in bed

Salmon Farms

The following is a link shared by a friend some of you know, Bill Pfeifer. If you want a conversation starter on several relevant topics this would be an hour well-spent. The Atlantic salmon pens are an issue we all need to be aware of.



Our League WEB page is www.lwvwa.org/skagit

League TRY is now available at www.lwvwa.org/skagit/try.html  or in print from Steve.

LWVWA Voter    info@lwvwa.org

—Summer 2017–Vol.1, No. 3



         • VOTER REGISTRATION Message from Margaret


         • FORUM COMMITTEE MINUTES from Barbara Robinson



Calendar Items

LWVSC Meetings (Usually the 1st Saturday of the month)

August 5, September TBA, October 7, November 4, December 2

10:30 AM — Place to be announced

August 25 — Voter Registration at Skagit Valley College

September 11—Candidate Event in Anacortes

October 9—Candidate Event at the Burlington Library

Message from Margaret

         Loretta Saarinen and I will be registering voters at Project Homeless Connect again this year.  This is an all-day event at Skagit Valley College, held this year on August 25.  We would welcome more members, as it is a good event and a fairly long day.  Lunch is provided, so I need to know of any interested volunteers so that I can sign you up.

         The candidate event in Anacortes will take place September 11 at the library, and again volunteers are very welcome.  More details after our next meeting, but please put this on your calendars now.

Welcome to New Members

       Linda Belcher & Wendy Sanderson

Forum/ Meet and Greet Planning Committee Minutes

July 13, 2017 at Max Dales  at noon

Members Attending:  Loretta Saarinen, Steve Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Diane Visten, Barbara Robinson, Claire Belcher, Linda Belcher, and Margaret Colony.

Margaret called the meeting to order.


Steve Johnson made a treasurer's report. At the beginning of the meeting the League had $818.39 in the treasury.  We have no unpaid bills at this time. .  Today we added a new member, Linda Belcher.  We have 20 paid members. After last meeting we also added Wendy Sanderson to our group. We welcome these new members!


         We decided to order a 36 by 72 inch banner and will use the all blue model that was seen at convention. Barbara Robinson will get a copy of that and will order it from Office Depot.  Barbara is to email a copy of the planned banner to Steve Johnson before printing it, so he can proofread.

Forum/Meet and Greet:

            Wendy Sanderson could not attend but in an email she offered to help with mailing invitations to the Mount Vernon City Council, as timer if we need, and offered to put a post on GO Skagit Community Events for our events.

         Using the task list that Loretta Saarinen provided after the last meeting we moved on to dates of the events.

            Anacortes Library or Senior Center September date to be decided: Margaret Colony will look into the location further and report next meeting.  The library holds a bit less that 100.

            Burlington Library October 9th, The library holds 150 people, has tables, chairs and a sound system.  We will book it from 5:30 p.m. for set up until 9 p.m. for take down.

            At each event we will have Starbucks coffee provided by Claire Belcher and cookies purchased at Costco.   As each candidate is presented they will have 3 questions provided ahead of time and will have time to speak to those questions.  We will ask that Andrea Doll and Britt Wisniewski to assist Margaret Colony with choosing the questions.  This is to be a casual event where the candidates can present themselves then have time to meet and greet at tables in the audience.  There is to be no questions formally from the audience.  Tables and chairs will be set up so that this will be a gathering of groups.

         Publicity: Barbara Robinson will contact the Skagit Valley Herald contact that she used last year.  Nancy Johnson, Loretta and Wendy Sanderson will work on Publicity in several areas. We are going to contact Kathy Reim to see if she can help out with the publicity. She and her husband Robert are always great at putting out posters and with suggestions of where to post news of the event.


         Posters:  Last year Britt and Andrea used a professional to design the poster.  We were wondering if last years poster could be altered to fit this years events. Margaret is going to contact those two ladies on this issue.

           Sound System:  Since this is to be a casual meet and greet we only need one microphone. Loretta feels that the Burlington Library has an adequate system. Margaret is to check on the venue for Anacortes.


         Notifying Candidates:  After the primary Loretta will notify the Mount Vernon, Burlington, and Sedro-Woolly Candidates of our event.  Margaret will notify the Anacortes etc candidates.  In the meantime they will also send out a save the date to those that are running before the primary.


         Bookmarks:  Ed West has the pattern for the bookmarks and will report at the August meeting.

         Skagit Voter:  Nancy Johnson is author/editor of this online news bulletin.  We decided to have the minutes of each meeting posted on the Skagit Voter and will not be sent out via email starting with these minutes.  Check and see what Nancy has been doing for our group.

Meeting dates:  August 5, September 2?, October 7, November 4, and December 2.  Location has not been booked so notice will be sent out at a later date.

Remember email to all members is this address:     lwvskagit@ponderoses.com                                 

Webpage:   lwvwa.org/skagit

         Barbara Robinson, Secretary

Notes From Nancy

Please take a minute to read the email from State League, This Week in League. It’s our window on LWVWA and makes you proud to be a member. Summer keeps us all busy, but it is also a time for forum planning. We have a great committee who could use the help of all. Watch for the emails from Skagit Voter and let us know what part you would like to play. 


Our League WEB page is www.lwvwa.org/skagit

League TRY is now available at www.lwvwa.org/skagit/try.html  or in print from Steve.

lwvskagit mailing list

—Summer 2017–Vol.1, No. 2


Calendar Items

Next League Meeting: June 15th, noon at Max Dale’s in the small meeting room for Candidate Forum Planning  The forum committee Barbara Robinson,  Britt Marie Wisniewski, Carol Cain, Margaret Colony, and Claire Belcher will be choosing a venue, a date, check who will be invited (who is running), and set up the committees and set up a time line. All League members are needed.

July  LWV Meeting: July 8th at the Mount Vernon Co-Op at 10:30AM. The meeting date is changed to give you the freedom to enjoy the 4th of July activities.

A Message From Margaret
Convention News

It was wonderful to have four Skagit league members at  State Convention in Seattle June 2-4.  We were officially recognized as a local league!  Having several of us meant that we were able to attend almost all the workshops and to meet with leaguers from around the state.  Lots of speakers, all interesting, and a good deal of routine  business made for busy days.  The roll call of leagues provided some examples of things we might do here, a favorite being the Seattle league's "ballots and baristas" cooperative effort with Starbucks.

Registering high school kids with the help of a retired teacher sounded great, until another league pointed out that they had had to file all kinds of paperwork to meet security concerns before being allowed on their school's campus.  We need to check this out!  Good ideas for programs and for membership growth.  One of the issues explored was redistricting, which I thought I knew something about.  It turns out that the Washington commission is not as transparent in its deliberations as we would like.  We know that many states have the job done in a partisan way by their legislatures and a lot of gerrymandering is the result.  Ed attended a dramatic presentation on the subject of redistricting, and I attended a workshop  Lots to share!

It was great to make connections with Jennifer Brown, our state staff person and to meet a national board member from Minnesota, as well as participate in a breakfast discussion with all the local league presidents from around the state.  We will be sharing thoughts and reactions in the next couple Voters.

Margaret Colony, President, LWV of Skagit  County

Notes From Nancy

Just a few thoughts. Please try to attend the forum planning session. That will probably be our major focus for the next couple of months, but as important as the forum is, we have other things that need your thoughts and help. If you didn’t read Ed West'’s Convention report last week when it was sent as an email, please take a few minutes to read it or read it again. It is a great outline of ideas and projects for League activities. Hopefully it will encourage us all to explore new directions. nbj

Notes from 2017 LWV Convention by Ed West
Notes for Skagit LWV
·       Need a focus for our league this year, example, Housing, etc.
·       I think that we could consider in the future as membership grows
o   Election Observers
o   Meeting Observers
·       Need LWV Banner from registration / recruitment table at events such as Farmers Markets etc.  Talk to Jennifer at State office to get banners
·       Potential Partners, AAUW etc
·       Bi-Lingual TRY?
·       Check out Whidby website
·       Coffee with the League at coffee shops
·       Starbucks “Ballots and Baristas” sent email to Stephanie Cirkovich cirkovich@gmail.com
·       Elected Officials Lunch
·       Encourage civil discourse
·       Look at “Kids Voting” (canned work from other Leagues)
·       Connect with local schools Social Studies Teachers
Voter Registration Possibilities:
·       High Schools
Ideas from other Leagues
·       Think and Drink Meeting
·       Legislative Theater
Speaker Jessica Rohloff – “Transformational Journey” (National LWV Rep)
·       Tell stories, not statistics
Advocacy 101, How to Win Friends and Influence Legislators - Speaker Jack Huggins, legislator
·       Develop relationship with local elected officials
·       Stay in touch with emails and phone calls (Jack does not prefer phone calls)
·       Build common ground
·       Be sure to mention your group, league, church etc.
·       Ask “How can I change your mind”
Framing our Progressive Values – Shetua Alaskar – Heros Narative at heroesnarrative.org
·       Stories speak to us, science and facts don’t (paraphrase of Joseph Campbell)
·       We need a compelling narrative.  A good message (narrative) captures, and keeps our attention
o   Eg, health care (including mental health care) is a human right
·       Stories build power over time.  Conservatives have a story that we don’t believe, and we need our own that we can use to convince others of.  Example, we need to provide health care for families, this will save money! Vs we need to provide health care to help families
·       Need to increase participation of various communities of color or the disadvantaged
·       Expand the base by telling compelling narrative
·       Identify target groups
o   Communicate with these groups with their narrative
·       Look at “The Skimm” as an example of communications to young groups
The State we are in – Josh Parker – Civic Literacy and Engagment
·       See TED Talk by Eric Lew on civic engagement
·       See LWV Tacoma/Pierce (home page) infographic on why votes count
·       Civic Literacy = Passivity to Empowerment
1.     Access to Power
2.     Place Based (local)
3.     Relevant (impacts lives)
4.     Inquiry (frequent questions and debates in politics)
5.     Authenticity – process, politics, audience
6.     Disciplinary – Civics / Citizen / Activist / Lawyer / Journalist / Public Servant
·       Center for Learning and Civic Engagement
·       Connect with local schools Social Studies Teachers
Major Impact: Planning and Execting Candidate and Action Forums – Mary Ellers
·       Need one person in charge
·       Flexibility is key, nothing goes as expected
·       Share with other leagues when counties are crossed
·       Audience always likes to have their written questions asked
o   Never have a mic for audience to use as they get broken, dropped and thrown and are used for grandstanding
·       Seek diverse questions well ahead of time
·       Seek questions that go to the function of the position
·       Candidates want visibility
o   No questions to candidates in advance of event
o   No introductory statements (free advertising)
o   No statements from non-attending candidates
o   Need candidate check in table so you don’t have to run around finding them
·       Utilize streaming of events on Facebook etc
o   Consider viewing parties for events not close to Skagit, but relevant to Skagit
·       Always do lighting and sound checks when selecting venue and the day of event
o   Ask for changes or additions to equipment if needed for a quality event
·       Seek sponsors for events, and the League
o   Help to bring in audience
o   May want to make a statement at beginning or end of event.  Don’t let them choose when before event as nothing goes as planned and you need flexibility about this timing.  Also give them a time limit
o   Sponsors names appear on printed and online material
·       Events are about League visibility – always have information about joining at events
Fresh Ideas for Voter Registration, Education and Civic Engagment Drives – Attendee discussion
·       Targets: Homeless (Post Office general delivery needed), Graduating High School Students, Veterans,  Felons, Marginalized Communities
·       If going to schools, be prepared for criminal background checks, takes time
·       Use personal relationships for access to schools and other venues
·       College registration days provides captive audience
·       Goodwill/Thrift Stores and Food Banks
·       Housing Authority
·       Schedule events so they get publicized
·       Candy can be a hook to get people to table
·       Standing in front of table helps
·       Challenging Statement on banner can draw attention ie “Felons Can Vote”, “Have You Recently Moved?”
·       Bowels of water for dogs draws people to table (display picture of fire hydrant and or tree for fun)
·       Art Fairs and events such as Juneteenth
·       Consider having a computer or tablet available for instant registration (requires WIFI)
o   Some auditor’s offices have computers to lend
o   Ask auditor or Secretary of State for a unique URL for tracking our online registrations
o   Consider having a printed QR code of URL for folks that want to register on their cell phones
·       Get local media coverage of National Registration Day
·       Add registration information to cards and book marks
·       Ask Auditors office for locations of underserved populations
·       In our enthusiasm, don’t register non-citizens as this is a felony
Finding the American Dream – Sahar Fathi
·       Work to empower communities of color and women
·       People of color in prison in US greater that the total prison population of the next (maybe 12) countries combined
·       Equity vs Equality: Currently there at the same number of bathrooms for men and women = equity, however women wait in lines at bathrooms far more often than men.  Correcting this would mean equality!
·       Fight for Human Rights
·       The New American Dream is to achieve all our potential - Liberation
·       Show up as allies in communities of color, consider using trusted advocates from those communities.

Doris’s picture
LWVWA State Convention in June. Doris Brevoort, Ed West, Claire Belcher, Margaret Colony.

Our League WEB page is www.lwvwa.org/skagit
League TRY is now available at www.lwvwa.org/skagit/try.html  or in print from Steve.

LWVWA.org  This Week in League.

Join us on the 15th!! Remember to watch your inbox for the Skagit LWV Voter. And please share your thoughts and ideas with:

Nancy B Johnson and the Skagit Voter

lwvskagit mailing list


–Spring 2017–Vol.1, No. 1

Dear League Members and Interested People!

We have a reason to celebrate. We are about to become an official League of Women Voters. After twenty-two years as a Unit at Large, we can finally drop the UAL  from our name. If our cold, wet spring bothered you, you need to be grateful. It kept our two active male members off their bikes and at their computers. With assistance and encouragement  from our new president Margaret Colony, Ed West and Steve Johnson created a TRY (They Represent You) the elected officials directory both as  a paper copy and online. The TRY had been an obstacle to official status in becoming  recognized as an LWV without the UAL attached. In the past, the Skagit County Auditor supplied a TRY so our small group did not duplicate their work. They no longer print a copy but have the information on line. Our League TRY is now available at www.lwvwa.org/skagit/try.html  or in print from Steve.

Now thanks to a lot of effort, some additional paperwork, and the aid of the internet, we look forward too being officially recognized at the LWVWA State Convention in June. Margaret and Ed will be there along with Doris Brevoort and Claire Belcher. 

The email newsletter from the State League has the details for the Convention. LWVWA.org  This Week in League. Here’s a quote of interest, "If you can't participate in the entire Convention but can join us for Saturday there is an option to register for the Workshop Passport. You can attend all of the workshops and plenaries (even on Friday and Sunday) and the Saturday Luncheon.”

Another newsletter of local interest is reappearing. This is the first edition of the Skagit LWV Voter without the UAL Attached.  It will be an email with bits of information you might have missed if you didn’t attend previous meeting or read the copy of the minutes from Barbara Robinson. Her minutes are so clear and inclusive that they cover most details you need to know, but there are always some reminders we need, or some inspiration for you to follow up on. Minutes are included below, but please mark Your calendars with the following:

State Convention: June 2,3,4, in Seattle.

Next League Meeting: June 15th, noon at Max Dale’s in the small meeting room. It  will be to work only on plans for the next candidate forum.   The forum committee Barbara Robinson,  Britt Marie Wisniewski, Carol Cain, Margaret Colony, and Claire Belcher will be choosing a venue, a date, check who will be invited (who is running), and set up the committees and set up a time line. All League members are needed. This will replace our regular 1st Saturday of the month meeting to avoid conflict with the Convention.

July  LWV Meeting: July 8th at the Mount Vernon Co-Op at 10:30AM. The meeting date is changed to give you the freedom to enjoy the 4th of July activities.

Please read the following minutes for addition details and next month watch your inbox for the Skagit LWV Voter. And please share your thoughts and ideas with:

Nancy B Johnson and the Skagit Voter

Email from Barbara:

Hello all! Here is the minutes of the last meeting.  Please read and let me know of any additions or corrections.  B. R.

Minutes for League of Women Voters of Skagit Valley
May 6, 2017

Attending Members:  Kathy Reim, Carol Cain, Patty Santangelo, Margaret Colony, Steve and Nancy Johnson, Britt Wisnewski, Doris Brevoort, Claire Belcher and Barbara Robinson.

Margaret called meeting to order at 10:35 a.m. 

Steve Johnson provided a treasurers report.  We have 4 members who have membership dues due  at this time.   Steve Johnson presented a proposed budget for the 2017-18 year.  Discussion followed with some conversation about the amounts designated.

Steve Johnson provided a brief history of our unit. This league was first formed in June of 1995 and officially recognized in July of 1995.  There were 13 charter members with 10 more joining in 1995.  Steve and Nancy Johnson joined in 1996 .  Steve notes that there were forums held each year since.  The most members at one time was 29. 

Brochures:  Steve provided an updated and corrected version to members. He also had copies printed using his paper and his printer.  He  also provided the official publication of the League TRY.   Members agreed by consensus to have copies made of each. Barbara Robinson will find out the cost of each and print up 100 of each.

Know Your Country , a publication worked on  by our members is now available online.

Election of officers:  Elections were completed for Chairman: Margaret Colony, Vice Chair: Ed West as officers.  Treasurer: Steve Johnson and Secretary: Barbara Robinson, board member at large: Claire Belcher.

Newspaper coverage:  Steve Johnson filled out the papers for notices to be in the Skagit Valley Herald that note our meeting dates and locatons.

State Convention June 2,3,4 in Seattle.  Our local league is entitled to two voting official delegates.  Members planning to attend are: Ed West, Doris Brevoort, Claire Belcher and Margaret Colony.  A motion was made by Barbara Robinson and 2nded by Kathy Reim, to pay for 3 members costs of registration to be reimbursed by our league.  There was a discussion of the budget and how we can fund this kind of event and others. First our dues are small.  The state and national league gets $52 of our dues, our unit gets only $10.  We either need fund raisers or we need sponsors.  We can get a once a year grant from the state for up to $1000.00.  We have used this source in the past when we were holding forums and plan to do that again this year.  Topic for next meeting: Fund raisers and sponsorships.

Publicity Chair:  Our unit needs a publicity chair to contact the newspapers and see that word is out about who we are and what we do so that prospective members can join. Kathy Reim offered to help the chair, and be a supportive committee member.  We sthe traiuggested contact with the Skagit Valley Herald, Channel Town Press, Anacortes American, Argus, Concrete Herald, and the online outlet GoSkagit.com.   Nancy Johnson will support that chair with contacts with the Concrete Herald.  Volunteers for this chair can contact Margaret Colony. Remember there can be two chairs, meaning a partner chair.

Official League Status:  Motion to become an official league through the state was made by Doris Brevoort and 2nded by Patty Santangelo. Motion carried.  Margaret Colony will forward the paperwork to the state league so that our unit will become official.

Kathy Reim reported on the opportunities that connecting to groups such as Indivisible can provide in expanding local awareness of the LWV. Indivisible offers a booklet on strategy that has some useful ideas. Interested people can ask to join Indivisible groups on Facebook.   Kathy has created a training on how to contact members of congress, but also how to work with local elected officials on issues supported by the League. She is available to do this presentation and will make copies available. She welcomes suggestions- it is a work in progress.

Next League Meeting will be to work only on plans for the next candidate forum.   The forum committee will meet at Max Dales  at noon, in the small meeting room June 15 and this will take the place of our regular league meeting.  Britt, Carol, Margaret and Claire will be attending. Those members not at the meeting today are invited to come to the Max Dales meeting.  We need  as many members as we can get to get this event well planned.   Many hands make light work so hope to see you all there.  We will need to choose a venue, a date, check who will be invited (who is running), and set up the committees and set up a time line.

Monthy newsletter: Nancy Johnson will begin to write an online newsletter which will come out once a month.

"This Week in Washington" publications available and you can subscribe online . 

Membership cost is $62 with an Associate membership cost as $17 for those under 16 years of age   Doris Brevoort is going to do some research on associate memberships and on subscription memberships.

Bookmark plan. There will be input on a pattern with the word "Skagit" added and the information will go to Ed West and Steve Johnson. After seeing the input of members both will choose and provide a copy for our approval.

Barbara Robinson Secretary

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lwvskagit mailing list


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